About The CEO

Raheem Muhammad, CEO:


Raheem Muhammad is the CEO of www.NewVisionsOfSoul.com. Growing up in Newark, NJ Raheem Muhammad started DJing in 1980 after being inspired by his older brother Wali Manning! Raheem watch and studied his brother without asking his brother's help. Raheem was also inspired listening to the battle of the DJs on 92 KTU, with DJs Like John Jellybean Benitez, the Animal and many others. Raheem moved back to his Grandmothers house in Newark where he was reunited with friends who were also inspired DJs. Some of those DJs: DJ Fu Edwards, DJ Sal McKlish, DJ Toney Hendricks and DJ RocAnthony to name a few. Let's not forget DJ Junior Bunn (RIP). Mark IV as a group with Raheem's cousin Mr. G also inspired him in the early 80s, it ultimately lead to the forming of the Rock Force. Raheem played Hip Hop, Disco and finally

Club Music in the early 80s which was common for a DJ to go both ways, because most of the music back then was mixed together. In 1982 Raheem Muhammad (AKA DJ Islam), DJ Wahid (AKA Rel D), Deep Master Ryan (AKA Ryan Ski) and DJ Teddy T formed The Rock Force. The Group was known for doing Block Parties, House Parties and Parties for Weequahic High in Newark, NJ. In 1985 this thing called House Music showed it's head, at this time Raheem Muhammad and DJ Ryan was ready to take it to the next level. DJ Teddy T And DJ Wahid (AKA Rel D) would be in and out for the next year, but began to fade into other interest. Raheem Muhammad who dropped the name DJ Islam, and DJ Ryan would began to put out Mix Tapes called The WMMC Dance Party for the next 6 years, this came from Raheem's strongest influencer Merlin Bobb of WBLS. Raheem was a big fan of Tony Humphries but he fell in love with Merlin Bobb's style of mixing hands down. Raheem Muhammad also joined up with The Group Lead by Mack The DJ "MSQ" (Mack, Sal and Quawee). From them came DJ Battles at Central High in Newark, NJ against NJ Finest DJ Punch and Crew. 


In the summer of 1991 Raheem Muhammad relocated to NC where he quickly learned, House Music was not liked at all. Raheem Muhammad decided to step away from music and focus more on his spiritual developement until 1996 at the Mr. Freeze Anniversay Party where his cousin DJ Backspin introduced him to DJs like Ron G, Doo Wop, DJ Clue, Doggtime, Lazy K and others. At that time Raheem Muhammad decided to go back into his Hip Hop Roots. Adopting the name Brick City Assassin and later shortened to DJ Brick, Raheem Muhammad jumped on the Mix Tapes Circuit, forming Brick City Entertainment. Raheem Muhammad put out Mix Tapes like For The Radio Series, The Resurrection, The Block Party, Do Or Die, Lives On, Spring Jams Series, Summer Jams Series, Fall Jams Series, Winter Jams Series, Summer Heat "Take Cover", Da Brick's Vol. Series. Raheem Muhammad also hooked up with the Awesome 2 (Special K And Teddy Ted) who made sure he was supplied with the latest music.


By 2002 Raheem Muhammad could not take the direction Hip Hop was going and decide to retire from music. In 2004 Raheem Muhammad took a trip home to The Brick City where he hooked up with fellow DJ and friend DJ Ryan, who talked him back into music again. DJ Ryan showed him a pair of DJ CD Players and how to get music that he could burn to cd and save money, that made Raheem Muhammad go out and get him a pair of his own CDJs. Still in NC where House Music had no love Raheem Muhammad just played for fun until he received a message from Mack The DJ in 2010, that Mack was going to be playing live on a Chi-Town Internet Radio Station, this would spark a change in the course of Raheem Muhammad's future as far as music goes.


While watch his cousin Mack The DJ play on the Chi-Town Internet Radio Station, Raheem Muhammad began to have a strong interest in getting into Internet Radio. Raheem was asked to produce a Mix CD for the Owner of the Chi-Town Station, just to see what he can do on the tables. Before he was able to get the CD done Raheem Muhammad hooked up with a old friend from Weequahic High in The Brick City, NJ. Raheem Muhammad friend helped him get a foot in the door of the Chi-Town Radio Station where he played the Noon Day Mix on Mondays and Wednesdays 12-3pm. Raheem Muhammad really enjoyed his self playing on the Chi-Town Radio Station, but noticed that the owner began to focus more on DJs from Chi-Town which was understandable. At this time Raheem Muhammad began to wonder what it would be like to create a Internet Radio Station that gave up and coming DJs from New Jersey a chance to show case their talents. Raheem Muhammad began to work on the process of starting a Internet Radio Station that would do just that.


More To Come......